Belfast Black Cab City Tour

The famous black cab Belfast city tour!

About This Tour

Exploring Belfast for the first time, or returning to see more of this beautiful city?

Our black cab city tours of Belfast are ideal for travellers who appreciate privacy or those who are short on time. If you are travelling for business and only have a few hours to spare, book a tour to help you balance work and pleasure without missing any important meetings.

Have a few hours to kill on your layover in Belfast?

Our drivers can show you the city highlights quickly! Don’t waste your limited time in the city reading maps or poring over guide books. Let our guides at Allen’s Tours take you to the best Belfast has to offer and explain the history and facts while you take in the beautiful views.

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Whether you have several days or just a few hours to explore Belfast, book a black cab city tour so that you can leave the city with a sense of local customs, culture, landscapes and history.

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We can show you all the popular sights, with historical knowledge and added context

Here are some of the sights you can look forward to exploring:

Titanic Quarter
Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a large-scale waterfront regeneration, comprising historic maritime landmarks, film studios, education facilities, apartments, a riverside entertainment district, and the world’s largest Titanic-themed attraction.

Queen’s University
Queen’s University Belfast has its roots in the Belfast Academical Institution, which was founded in 1810, one of the United Kingdom’s 10 oldest universities, and remains as the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.

Belfast Castle
Belfast Castle is set on the slopes of Cavehill Country Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland in a prominent position 400 feet (120 m) above sea level. Its location provides unobstructed views of the city of Belfast and Belfast Lough.

Cathedral Quarter
Traditionally, the Cathedral Quarter was the centre of Belfast’s trade and warehousing district, which sprung up directly from the prosperous linen and shipbuilding industries. The quarter still retains some of Belfast’s oldest buildings and thoroughfares, including Waring Street and Hill Street.

Belfast Murals
Murals in Belfast have become symbols of Northern Ireland, depicting the region’s past and present political and religious divisions.

Our famous black cab Belfast city tours are customized for our clients. You will enjoy an unbiased, friendly, and informative tour of the key parts of Belfast from a guide who has lived and worked in the city for their entire life. Their deep knowledge of Belfast’s history and understanding of customs and culture will give you a local perspective on Northern Ireland. Our friendly guides are prepared to answer your questions and provide you with insider tips for the best places to shop, dine and stay after your tour.

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We can show you all the popular sights, with historical knowledge and added context that will help you appreciate them for more than their beauty and fully grasp their significance in Belfast.

See the world famous peace line and Belfast murals depicting key moments in our well-documented political history. See the Crumlin Road Jail and court house that was the scene to many convictions and imprisonments during Northern Ireland’s most hostile times and learn about the many escape attempts.

If you have been planning your Irish adventure for months and know exactly which sites you would like to see, we can build an itinerary that includes your must-sees. If you have the time we can add to these highlights with a few lesser known local spots that suit your tastes. On the other side of the spectrum, if you haven’t had time to research your trip but would like to get the most out of your visit to Belfast, our fast and friendly black cab tours will give you an insider’s look at what this charming city has to offer.

No matter your situation, our guided tour is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Ireland.