Giant’s Causeway Itinerary

An award-winning tour of the beautiful North Coast

About This Tour

Looking for the best way to take in Northern Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction? Allen’s Belfast Bus Tours offers award winning Giant’s Causeway tours from Belfast, giving you the perfect way to take in the sights while learning about their rich history.

Our tours have been a popular choice for years, and now they are award winning! Our fully guided Giant’s Causeway tour has been awarded Best Tour Company Worldwide by Plus, Allen’s Tours is World Host Accredited, making us the perfect guides for your Irish adventure. Book today to see what other visitors are raving about! Make new travel memories to last a lifetime.

If you are planning a visit to Belfast or have already arrived in our beautiful city, be sure you don’t miss what is undoubtedly one of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions – the unforgettable and unmistakable Giant’s Causeway. Spend a memorable day with our Giant’s Causeway tours from Belfast, taking in the rich history, folktales, and of course, the natural beauty of this distinctly Irish site.

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Forget figuring out a map and let our experienced drivers and local tour guides take you on a guided journey through Northern Ireland.

Ride in comfort and relax aboard one of our coaches as you are surrounded by the lush Irish landscape on the Antrim Coastal Road. Our Belfast bus tours feature stops at quaint villages, preserved castles, and other picturesque stops along the way.

The tour also stops in Bushmills Town for a quick lunch break and some time to relax before taking in more of what Ireland has to offer. You are sure to have the quintessential Irish travel experience you are looking for. Whether you love a good ghost story or want to experience the romantic charm of a castle, there is something for everyone on our Belfast bus tours.

Of course, the tour would not be complete without a stop to take in the stunning rock formations at the Giant’s Causeway. With approximately 40,000 basalt columns rising out of the sea, the causeway is truly something to behold. The UNESCO World Heritage Site draws thousands of visitors each and every year. It is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip to Ireland. Visitors will have plenty of time to take photos, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and explore the outdoor museum.

Be blown away by the knowledge and expertise of our local guides. With historical knowledge that extends beyond the history books to cultural perspectives, insider information and lots of experience with the causeway, they are eager to give you a local look at Northern Ireland. Guides are ready to answer your questions about local customs, folklore myths, and the formation of the Giant’s Causeway. You will end the tour with a breadth of new knowledge, without feeling like you missed seeing the sights with your nose stuck in a guidebook.

Leave Ireland with memories of the beautiful countryside, unique heritage, and a full understanding of the meaning and significance of many beautiful sites. Let Allen’s Tours make your trip the best one yet. Book a Giant’s Causeway Belfast bus tour today and get ready for an educational and adventurous day full of charm and wonder.

Where We Stop

Whether you love a good ghost story or want to experience the romantic charm of a castle, there is something for everyone on our bus tour.

Here are some of the sights you can look forward to exploring:

Carrickfergus Castle
a Norman castle on the Northern shore of Belfast Lough

famous for its abundant salmon fishing and haunted castle

with its picturesque harbour and distinctive rural character

and its 19th century red curfew house

the home to the one and only 400 year old ‘Oul Lammas Fair’

Carrick a Rede/Portaneevy Viewing Point
with its death defying rope bridge (cross at your own risk, Northern Ireland weather permitting additional cost to cross bridge) and stunning views of Rathlin Island (DUE TO CURRENT NATIONAL TRUST STAFF SHORTAGES NO GROUPS ARE ALLOWED TO VISIT THE ROPE BRIDGE AT PRESENT)

a delightful coastal town.

Bushmills Town
30 min lunch stop (lunch not included)

The Giant’s Causeway
the main event, there’s plenty to explore!

The Dark Hedges
famous for their role in the famous HBO series, Game of Thrones

antrim coast
The Main Event

The Giant’s Causeway is a world heritage site and one of life’s must see geological phenomenon. Follow in the footsteps of the giants of Irish folklore – Finn MacCool and Benandonner stood on these unexplainable hexagonal shaped stones (which are estimated to be a staggering 62 – 65 million years old) whilst also enjoying the awe inspiring and majestic views all around you in this magnificent outdoor museum!

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Pick Up & Drop Off

Don't miss out!

To miss this fully guided informative tour and all around fun day out with our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced drivers and guides would really be a lost opportunity, so reserve your seat today!

The tour starts at approx 9.30am from our tour office at 29 Donegal Rd (conveniently located opposite the Belfast International Youth Hostel) and is it is highly recommended for passengers to arrive 10 mins prior to tour departure to avoid disappointment.

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  • Departure time: 9.30am daily
  • Return time: 5.30pm
  • Departure location: Allen’s Belfast Bus Tours Office at 29 Donegall Road, Belfast

Complimentary shuttle pick up from your hotel/ guesthouse by prior arrangement. For various pickup points around Belfast please enquire at time of booking for our Giants Causeway Tour.

Stop 1


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The start of your journey

We start our journey to explore the mythical past of giants and folklore from Northern Ireland’s charming capital Belfast.

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Take in the sights of the city en route to the world famous North Coast

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As we depart we will see several well-known landmarks including our impressive City Hall, the slanting Albert Memorial Clock and imposing mountain known as the Napoleon’s Nose (the believed inspiration behind Gulliver’s Travels the bestselling novel by Jonathan Swift).
Stop 2

Carrickfergus Castle

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Carrickfergus Castle - A historic 12th century castle

The first stop of the day is at the beautiful town of Carrickfergus so you can have a walk round the 12th century castle and see the ramparts stone walls and ancient harbour. Built by John DeCourcy in 1177 this iconic landmark is medieval snapshot of a bygone era and served as a military fortress until 1928.

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The best-preserved example of a Norman Castle on the island of Ireland.

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The town is said to take its name from Fergus Mor (Fergus the Great), the legendary king of Dal Riata. According to one tale, his ship ran aground on a rock by the shore, which became known as “Carraig Fhearghais” – the rock of Fergus. It is the oldest town in County Antrim and one of the oldest on the island of Ireland situated 11 miles (18km) north of Belfast.

Here you will visit the beautiful historic Carrickfergus Castle, dating back to 1177 and widely regarded as one of the best preserved Norman castles in Ireland.

It is the oldest town in County Antrim and one of the oldest on the island of Ireland situated 11 miles (18km) north of Belfast. Here you will visit the beautiful historic Carrickfergus Castle, dating back to 1177 and widely regarded as one of the best preserved Norman castles in Ireland.
Stop 3

Portaneevy Viewpoint

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Portaneevy Car Park & Viewpoint (to see Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge from a distance for pictures)

The death-defying rope bridge, first erected almost 350 years ago! We visit here for 15 to 20 minutes to take pictures.

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Suspended above a 100ft drop into the rocky Atlantic Ocean below, the bridge spans 65ft and is 3ft wide.

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Our next stop is the nerve jangling Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge near the beautiful North Antrim village of Ballintoy, which has featured prominently in HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The bridge spans 20 metres from the mainland to the tiny island of Carrick-a-Rede, taking its name from the Irish “Carraig a Raid”, meaning ‘rock of the casting’.

The island has been used by fishermen for over 350 years to cast salmon nets. In the 19th century more than 80 fishers, 21 salmon fishers and 10 fish carriers were working in the parish of Ballintoy. Catches of up to 300 salmon a day were common until the 1960’. Unfortunately the years of salmon fishing are now just a memory.

Fishing pressure at sea and river pollution led to a decline in salmon. In 2002 the last fish was caught at Carrick-a-Rede. Now the rope bridge serves as an attraction for tourists to experience the rugged Antrim coastline all year round (If they can ignore the 30 metre drop!)
Stop 4

Giant’s Causeway

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Follow in the footsteps of giants!

Explore this stunning outdoor museum and stare in wonder at the inexplicable perfectly shaped 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns.

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Estimated to be a staggering 60 million years old!

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The highlight of the day is our stop to the giant’s causeway where you will be able to walk across the stones themselves.

Whether you prefer to believe the geological explanation of a volcanic eruption or indulge in the folklore of exploits of giants Finn McCool and Benandonner, either way you will leave with an unforgettable memory of this must-see geological phenomenon.
Stop 5

Dark Hedges

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As seen in multi-award winning Game of Thrones series

Our last stop of the day before returning to Belfast is a stop at the amazing Dark Hedges. A perfect photo opportunity at one of the most iconic filming locations from the famous TV series.

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This beautiful avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century.

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Scene of the King’s Road in Season One, this avenue of 94 beech trees align to provide a majestic canopy and backdrop.

Let’s just hope we don’t cross the path of the mysterious ghost of Lady Grey, the tormented daughter of the original inhabitant of nearby Gracehill House.

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