The discerning traveller has always carried a torch for Northern Ireland. With political tempers cooling off and a decade-long peace ensuing in the region, this spirited province of the United Kingdom has blossomed into a major tourist destination. Going by economic reports, tourism in Northern Ireland generates revenues of £723 million, sustains 43,000 jobs and attracts 4.1 million visitors annually.

The popularity of the region is not surprising. The dreamy mountains, the majestic cliffs, the lively pubs, the charming bed & breakfasts, the green valleys and magnificent coastlines, felt-green pastures; one stumbles upon fascinating sights at every turn around the hills and inlands. Getting a taste of some local eats is equally exciting in your cultural touring.  Watch out for the Irish penchant for all things fried, including their signature fried Ulster bread breakfast, as well as their collection of potato crisps (Prawn Cocktail, Cheese and Onion, Smoky Bacon, Pickled Onion…) that you can munch on along the way.

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Experience the Haunting Beauty of the Emerald Isle

For a small region, Northern Ireland has an amazing number of must-see attractions. The region is rich in history and folklore with its villages and towns being living embodiments of past centuries. At Cushendun, you can regale in the elegance of the Victorian-style cottages; Glenarm’s imposing, ancient castles and structures lend it a medieval appearance; Carrickfergus Castle is a Norman creation and a telling piece of history. There is the Titanic Quarter in Belfast that retells the story of the ill-fated Titanic that was launched from its shores. The Game of Thrones team was clearly enamoured by Northern Ireland to make it their setting for many scenes that were filmed here.

Don’t end your sightseeing tour in Northern Ireland before you see the Glens; each one is more breathtaking than the other. The Giant’s Causeway deservedly remains the absolute jewel in the crown of Irish tourism. The hexagonal basalt rock formation is a marvel, and the myths and legends around it only heighten its appeal. The sights extend beyond Belfast. People who visit or have lived in the region vouch for their life-long hankering for Northern Ireland’s soft, craggy landscape, which explains the high happiness index the place enjoys. Indeed, the Irish locals are a warm, friendly lot, eager to ensure you have a rollicking time and yes, return again.

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