Few settings match the mystical appeal of Northern Ireland. The region teems with architectural splendours, medieval-style castles, churches, cliffs, mountains and meadows. There are many compelling reasons to visit Northern Ireland, and yet, the biggest tourist draw remains The Giant’s Causeway.

The celebrated Giant’s Causeway is a World Heritage Site, the only one in Northern Ireland. Set against the backdrop of the blue river are 40,000 columns of smooth hexagonal rocks that form a snug pathway (Causeway) on the North Antrim Coast. The grandeur of the scene has been imaginatively described as everything from honeycomb to jigsaw puzzle and Giant’s pebbles. However, there is more to this magnificent sight than what meets the eye.

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The Extraordinary Legend of The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is remarkable, and yet, it is the legend behind the rock formations that unfailingly delights visitors. Your first thought may be that a real person created this wonder. Irish mythology believes so too! The story is that a lovesick giant called Finn McCool built these rocks as stepping stones to reach a beautiful girl on the Scottish shores. However, the more celebrated tale is that of Finn McCool getting into a war of words with another giant from Scotland. Determined to teach the Scot a lesson, McCool begins to throw rocks into the river, so he can step on them and reach the other end. However, when he sees his powerful rival from afar, he gets cold feet and retracts.

When the Scottish giant comes looking for McCool, the latter’s bright wife takes charge. She entertains the Scot, serves him well, all the while telling him that her husband is away and will arrive shortly. She shows the giant her baby – McCool wrapped in a blanket. The Scot is struck by the size of the baby. “How big would my rival be then?” he thinks. Thus, he drops all plans of encountering McCool.

The story appears believable, and most tourists take with them this charming mythical tale over other scientific explanations of the rock formation being the result of a volcanic eruption several thousand years ago.

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